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The project is closed. This web page will no more be maintained!

Some news related to the work of STF 455 are presented here. In general, news on cooperative ITS are presented here.

This project is part of the approach towards global Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) aiming on International cooperation and harmonization. The task is to extend an existing conformance test platform which was originally developed by ETSI STF 424. Whilst STF 424 focused on conformance testing related to base standards from ETSI TC ITS restricted to the car-centric road-safety domain of C-ITS, STF 455 will focus on conformance testing of C-ITS protocols operated in a Bounded Secured Managed Domain (BSMD) specified in the ITS communication architecture standard ISO 21217 for global applicability.

The conformance test platform will integrate the different ITS test suites from ISO and ETSI, and will allow running conformance tests against ITS equipment were C-ITS protocols according to base standards from ETSI, or from ISO, or from ETSI and ISO are implemented. The aim of STF 455 is to validate the test specifications for

and to validate the respective C-ITS communication protocol standards which were developed by the ISO TC204 WG16 CALM group .

By this, STF 455 is supporting the standardization process and early procurements based on C-ITS Release 1 standards.

Further information is provided on the official web site of STF 455 operated by ETSI

In case you want to contact STF 455, please send us an email, or call us at +49 7344 175340.