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The leader of STF 455 attended the IEEE 1609 WG meeting in San Diego in July 2014. This was the last activity of STF 455 conducted under EC mandate M/453. The major topic for STF 455 was the harmonization of IEEE WSMP with ISO FNTP, and IEEE WSA with ISO FSAP.
Over a period of several months, ISO TC204 WG16 with support of ETSI STF 455 contributed significanty to this harmonization process by developing various proposal of harmonized message formats, see e.g. draft ISO 16460 version Oslo meeting of WG16 in May 2014. European vendors support this harmonization and are prepared to update their implementations of FNTP and FSAP.
Within the past couple of months, the IEEE 1609 WG mainly only discussed the ISO proposals and provided almost no technical views on harmonized message format details for WSMP, and almost no proposals at all on the subject of service advertisement.
At the IEEE 1609 WG meeting in San Diego, STF 455 presented an extended view of the proposal in ISO 16460 in order to make it more general, future-proof, and aligned with the rules of IEEE RA on Ethertypes. The IEEE 1609.3 editor, after a "strawpoll" in favor of a proposal for WSMP/FNTP harmonization from December 2013 (predecessor proposal from ISO), committed himself to implement this proposal in standard format as a revision of IEEE 1609.3, and to present this result at the next meeting in October 2014 in Annapolis.

All deliverables from STF 455 are approved and ready for publication. STF 455 members will continue to contribute to the EU/US harmonization activities on IEEE WAVE (WSMP and WSA) with ISO FAST (FNTP and FSAP). The next harmonization meetings will be organized by IEEE 1609 WG in San Diego in July 2014, and by ISO TC204 WG16 in Korea in August 2014.

STF members (technical experts and vendors) are prepared to upgrade FNTP and FSAP to the versions harmonized with IEEE WAVE (WSMP and WSA). The next harmonisation meeting will be the meeting of ISO TC204 WG16 in Oslo in May 2014.

ETSI TC ITS approved the Milestone F report from STF 455. The technical work of STF 455 will finish in due time in April 2014. Approval of all deliverables by TC ITS and subsequent publication is scheduled for May 2014.

STF 455 is finalizing its test suite validation work on FNTP (ISO 29281-1), FSAP (ISO 24102-5), IICP (ISO 24102-4) and ATSP (ISO 21218). Final versions of all deliverables will be available on time end of April.

STF 455 is contributing to the IEEE/ISO harmonization activity on ISO 29281-1 (FNTP) / IEEE 1609.3 (WSMP), and ISO 24102-5 (FSAP) / IEEE 1609.3/.2 (WSA).

STF 455 is invited to attend the ETSI PlugTest event in Essen on 27th and 28th November 2013.

ETSI TC ITS approved the Milestone C report from STF 455. Validation of test platform for FNTP and FSAP is successfully completed.

At the meeting of ISO TC204 in Kobe in October 2013, STF455 gave an introduction into the new test architecture, and demonstrated successful testing of the FNTP and FSAP implementations in the ITS station unit from Commsignia. Read more ...

The FNTP/FSAP implementation in the ITS station unit from Commsignia in Budapest was successfully tested from 16th through 18th September 2013.

STF 455 will meet IEEE 1609 working group in Annapolis this month. Topic to be discussed is the harmonization of ISO FNTP/FSAP with IEEE WSMP/WSA.

Test demos at the meetings of ISO TC204 WG16 in Kobe, and at the ITS World Congress in Tokyo are under preparation.

Testing the Fast Service Advertisement Protocol (FSAP) specified in ISO 24102-5 started.

STF455 will meet members of the FOTsis project in Madrid to discuss joint activities on the usage and testing of C-ITS communication protocols from ISO (focus on FNTP, FSAP, IICP and direct mode IPv6).

STF455 prepares for new test activities (Plug tests, interoperability field trials) starting in 2014. In case you like to join us, please contact us.

Successful tests of FNTP were performed against implementations from Commsignia and Peek. IICP (ISO 24102-4) is agreed as a general protocol to access an IUT in an SUT. This allows upper tester access, lower tester access and access for settings in an IUT and notifications by an IUT to be performed over a single UDP/IP link between SUT and ITS test sytem.

From June 24th through 28th an integration test campaign to validate the abstract test suite for FNTP will be held at ETSI using an implementation from Peek in The Netherlands.

STF455 decided to use the "ITS station-Internal management Communications Protocol" (IICP) specified in ISO 24102-4 to connect the ITS test system to an SUT. This is an efficient approach to enable upper and lower tester access, to perform settings in the SUT via management SAPs, and to receive event notifications from the SUT. IEB GmbH got the taskt to implement the IICP in the test adapter of the ITS test system.

An integration test campaign to validate the abstract test suite for FNTP will be held at the laboratory of Commsignia in Hungary from July 3rd through 5th.

Next tutorials on FNTP, FSAP, IICP and ISO 21218 will be held end July / August. Please contact ESF GmbH for details.

STF 455 will have a technical session in Königsbrück / Germany from 21st through 24th May in the office of IEB GmbH. Following this session, first test runs of the test platform with real implementations will be performed. A first demo is planned for the meeting of ISO TC204 WG16 in Vienna in June 2013.
Test runs will be done with TTCN-3 tools from Elvior / Estonia and from Testing Technologies / Germany.

First feedback on the base standards ISO 29281-1, ISO 21218, ISO 24102-1 ISO 24102-3, ISO 24102-4 and ISO 24102-5 including new ASN.1 modules (applying ASN.1 CLASS) is finalized by ESF GmbH.

STF 455 will contribute to the ISO TC204 WG16/WG18 workshop on conformance testing.

STF 455 will give a tutorial on FNTP, FSAP, IICP and ISO 21218.
This event is restricted for Industry which is providing implementations of these protocols to STF 455.
Registration required.

STF 455 will have its first technical session at ETSI in Sophia Antipolis from 11th through 15th March.

Creation of this web site.

In case you want to contact STF 455, please send us an email, or call us at +49 7344 175340.